Tarot India Network is headed by High Priestess Rev. Swati Prakash and also has a team of certified and qualified professionals/ priestesses at Magick, one of the world's leading Wiccan spiritual store.We offer you online as well as in-person consultations with Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Crystal Gazing, Runes, Oracles, Past Life and other specialized readings to not merely predict but help transform your situations.
  • Initial Consultation (Astro-Numero-Tarot)
  • Astro Reading (Horoscope)
  • Runes with Tarot
  • Tea Leaf with Tarot
  • Tarot-Oracle-Angel Reading
  • Crystal Gazing with Tarot
  • Matchmaking (Relationship reading)
Wiccan Ritual and Spell Service (for banishing negativity and manifesting positive situations)
  • Designed as per your reading advise and as per your specific goals and requirements as per Global Wicca Tradition's guidelines
  • Key to Tarot (Beginners course) 12 hrs
  • Essentials of Tarot (Advanced symbols) 12 hrs
  • Tarot Reversals (Advanced course) 12 hrs
  • Tarot Spreads (Advanced course) 12 hrs
  • Tarot Spells (Advanced course) 12 hr
  • Energy Healing Spells 12 hrs
  • Divination and Psychic Skills 12 hrs
  • The Wiccan Way 12 hrs
  • Advanced Spellcrafting and Spellcasting 12 hrs
First Degree Initiation after one year and one day probation period Second and Third                        degree courses available after first degree initiation